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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013: When in Rome...

This morning, Mike and I left Florence together and headed to Rome. After a three hour train ride, we arrived to the train station and walked over to our hotel. We weren't sure what to think of our decision that we had made back at the Thai restaurant in Providence a few weeks ago. Upon our arrival, we were pleasantly surprised.

We are staying at Hotel Des Artistes, right near the Roma Termini. We would highly recommend this hotel to anyone coming to Rome. The hotel staff is very accommodating and kind, and all of the front desk people speak English. The room is small but nice and clean, and it doesn't have the stench of our apartment in Florence that we have been getting used to! The apartment is not that bad, but it's not my condo, where everything smells like lilac and perfume. :-)

We had plans to meet up with our friend Bob and his family. After a short bus ride to Piazza Navona, we found the first restaurant we could sit at and ate ourselves silly. Today was the first day that was not centered around eating, and our stomachs were growling. While waiting for Bob, we walked over to the Pantheon and admired it from the outside. It was too late to go in, but there's plenty to look at around it. I've been reminiscing about my Latin classes in high school, and wished that I had been on the Rome trip with them to see our teacher experience this place for the first time.

Piazza Navona is really cool. The big fountain in the middle is the fountain that Dan Brown used as one of the settings in his book, Angels and Demons. After loving the book and the movie, it was very cool to return here and see it. We found Bob, Michele, and Hannah, and ended up walking over to the Jewish Ghetto for dinner at an Italian kosher restaurant called La Taverna. We had a great meal together and had wonderful conversation. We might meet up with them a little bit later in the trip and possibly do an open bus tour together.

I don't have any pictures in this post, just because I didn't bring my computer with me. I'll post all the pictures from Rome a bit later on, so hold tight! It's time for bed now. We've got a three hour tour of the Vatican city tomorrow. Thumbs up, Michelangelo. 

Today's pedometer count: 5,447steps. 


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